keskiviikko 7. elokuuta 2019

Heavy support

As per rules RT era IG support weapons must be crewed by tactical squads, assault squads, Adeptus Mechanicus or servitors. As I do not want to invest in a seperate squad to man the support weapons I intend to use the servitors I have in that role. Because of their cybernetic enhancements each servitor count as two crewmen.

The first support weapon of Bravo Company is this twin multi melta armed Tarantula. The equipment profile in rules for Tarantula gives las cannon as the only weapon option but won´t let that bother me. And I like the fact that my 2nd Tactical Platoon has multi meltas as heavy weapons too. Supported by this Tarantule they propably are the anti-tank detachment of the Company.

Pretty simple paint job: Desert yellow spray for base, black for body and metal for
guns. Light shading with Agrax and the highlights with diluted  Kislev Flesh.

A little bit of red, green and yellow to bring out some details. The servitor

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