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2nd Tactical squad WIP

This is the 2nd tactical squad for the 1st (Blue) platoon in WIP stage. These guardsmen are experienced troopers which is shown by the more ununiformed looks of the squad. Where newly raised units usually have standard clothing and armor the veterans on the other hand typically convert their gear to suit their preferences.
Hated pieces of equipment may be ´accidentally´ lost in combat and not replaced. And awkward gear may be modified or altogether replaced. This is of course strictly forbidden by the IG rules but most officers and NCO overlook this. The fighting value of experienced squads is seem as more important than the rigid following of the dress code.

One of the most commonly modified pieces of equipment is the flak vest. Regarded as heavy and hot in desert environment the guardsmen quite often cut it´s back plate to reduce weight and to allow better ventilation and freedom of upper body movement. This modification has been morbidly named ` The Commissar Cut´ by the grunts.

This trooper has removed a part of his flak armor because of his chest wound. His shoulder pad shows some battle damage so we can assume that he has been hit but saved by his armor.
Perhaps the most commonly ´lost´ piece of equipment is the gaiters. As the standard boots themselves are quite warm, the gaiters make the situation even worse in the desert.

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