maanantai 4. kesäkuuta 2018

Boars´n gobz

Oh my! It´s been almost a month from my last posting. I must have been a lazy painter/writer or pretty occupied elsewhere. In truth the RL was quite hectic through the whole may with Finnish baseball season starting (my son plays that) and my job taking it´s time too.

Something has gotten painted despite being preoccupied with other duties. I got a couple of animal handler boars and a new handler for them.

So now the unit stands at two handlers and five boars. Desperately looking for at least three more hogs make it a more usable fighting force. Anyone willing to help?

The handler with standard is a Grenadier Elf standard bearer. Very much in style with the Jes Goodwin sculpted Citadel one. And who says a animal handler unit can´t have a standard?

My previous posting was about my growing goblin horde. At that time they were two short of 40 but no more. I thought I had ran out of gobbos to paint only to discover not one but three of the spear armed Iron Claw ones and that I think 90´s axe wielder. He´ll fit in even if he´s not that oldhammer. I might not keep the duplicate Iron Claw gobbos so if anyones wants to trade for gobbos or elf boars please take contact.

It´s going to be a busy summer but I will publish something more during june I promise. I´ve returned to painting high elves BTW. Creating one of those units I don´t have yet in my army.

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