perjantai 12. tammikuuta 2018


What a way to start 2018 - with some goblins. They could actually be called reinforcement too as these ten chaps take my gobbo strength from the army book minima of 20 to 30. In 3rd edition WFB that actually means quite a lot. The unit can now lose seven green skins before and not have to test for panic where it was just five before.

 All ten of them. The first three on the left are Citadel
C12 Goblins and the rest come from the Iron Claw line.

A closer look on the C12 goblins. That chap with eye glasses
is simply a lovely sculpt. 

Iron Claw goblins in the middle.

And the ones on the right side. Lost of teeth visible.

Please don´t mind the drawn-by-a-5-year-old-goblin shield. Just
wanted to show you the nice details of the back side of this sculpt.
The feet wrapping, belt and pouches, studded leather armor. I like it.

The unit these guys are joining is still missing a musician. And when I get one I will propably need at least one gobbo more to get their total number to 32 and break point to 8. Or should I aim for 40?

And now I hate to decide what to paint next.... Ruglud´s orcs for big uns? High elf cavalry? High elf chariot? War machines for green skins?

4 kommenttia:

  1. Sweet! I love the old metal gobbos, especially Bob Olley ones. So much character and variation in weapons, poses, mood, etc...

    1. Hi! Thx for coming here. In general I´m not a Bob Olley fan but these gobbos are nice indeed. Like you said - very much character. But not too comic and exaggerated as some of Bob´s sculpts are imo.

  2. Those look absolutely old skool nice work. ;)