sunnuntai 28. tammikuuta 2018

A small but important addition

Have to admit, I´ve been pretty lazy both painting and blogging. I do have  multiple projects on my panting table but this little fellow is the only one I´ve finished since last blog entry. In that last entry I mentioned getting a musician for my unit of gobbos and here he is.

He is a Marauder miniatures MM30/6 goblin musician. The sculpt is By Aly Morrison if I´m not completely mistaken. This line of models is from 1989 but in my opinion the face and clothing are pretty close to stuff that came out during red era and afterwards.  The totally oversized weapon is also something that we got used to seeing starting from 4th edition WFB.

This was propably not a very popular model back in the days as I couldn´t find a single painted example of him online.

The instrument is a drum of some sort. It clearly has a piece of animal skin stretched over a wooden frame. Studs or spikes that hold the skin in place can be seen in the picture. One can only wonder how well that instrument would last if pounded with that huge mace of his as he appears to be doing.

This little gobbo is an important addition to my army because in 3rd edition WFB a musician ads a +1 to leadership rolls when testing to make a second or subsequent manoeuvre. With the goblin´s Basic LD of 5 you need all the help you can get.

Let´s hope february will be a bit more productive month for both painting and Vanhaa Vasarointia.

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