lauantai 28. tammikuuta 2017

Demon idol for war altar

Just a quick update on my dark elf war altar project. I haven´t have much time to paint lately but I´ve managed to complete the altar piece. My vision was of an idol of a demon or some dark god fastened on a crude platform. I imagined the religious fanatics chopping off a part of a larger statue to be carried around in the battle field.
  I was aiming for a patinated bronze look. The idol was basecoated with black. The first layer after that was done with a mix of 1/3 of stegadon scale green and 2/3 black. That was higlighted with 50/50 mix of stegadon scale green and gaussblaster green. Final effects were painted with nihilakh oxide. Never done that before but I´m happy with the result.

The platform is made of some 6mm wide lolly stick that were cut to roughly same lenght. Sticks were glued together and painted black. Then I highlighted them with various shades of gray. I added a bit of blue to the mix and last higlight were drybrushed with very light gray.

The rope is just a piece of cord I dug out from wifey´s sewing stuff box. It´s color was a bit too light for my liking so I gave it a wash of agrax earthshade. Still thinking about giving it another wash and perhaps a light drybrush after that.

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