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Bolter and a farmhouse

A repeating bolt thrower for Traject0ry´s joint effort dark elf army got completed a couple of days ago. The warmachine itself and the crew are all nice models and were a joy to paint. I especially like the body builder spotter. The color theme is dark brown and grey which I think suits the dark elves well.

Spotter, aimer and the bolt thrower. I still might put the warmachine on a 40x40 base but don´t have any at the moment.

Goblin Lee has extensively anayzed the pros and cons of a repeating bolt thrower here. It´s not a very effective warmachine actually. It´s not very good value for money if you look at it points vise. But it´s a nice addition to a narrative battle where the points value is not the most important factor. And as Lee points out - it´s a nice model.

You propably noticed the mostly red and white building behind the elves in the first picture. It´s a WIP scratch build farm house I´ve been slowly working on for about a week now. My daughter got a set of headphones for Christmas and the box they came in was of very sturdy card board. I got an idea and without much planning I cut the box to something that resebled a house. From my daughters handicrafts box I found a big bag of 6mm lolly sticks and so I started cutting and glueing them. The walls and windows are now ready to be painted and some parts have received the first layer. The roof is in making and will be removable to allow putting models inside.

Front side of the farm house. The door needs to be done. And the roof end triangle. And of course it all needs to be painted.
Back side. Two windows here. It doesn´t show well in the pictures but I used gelatin sheet for glass.

I´m not sure if the scale is correct. I simply used an orc as a measuring stick for the door and windows. I still need to decice what to do with the interior. Might just add window frames and paint everything in some light color. But I propably will not be adding furniture and such. At least that´s not in my mind now. I´ll propably mount the whole thing on a base of some sort and add barrels, cart wheels and other small stuff. But let´s complete the house itself first.

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