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Janarion strikes back - part 3 - Battle report - Rounds 7--12

This is the last part of this battle report. Click this if you want to read about the troops involved and the set up and this if you want to go throught rounds 1-6.


To stop Juggo from intervening with what´s happening in the center Janarion charges him (I would regret this later...). Juggo passes his fear check and is not afraid of a spectre. The guards with Prinze charge the warriors already in combat with the shore riders.

Janarion loses his combat agains Juggo. He loses two wounds and is pushed back but stays in battle despite the following instability test. The guard sing the hymn of hatred and smash into the dwarf warriors. The dwarf hero is hacked mercilessly down by the elf general and several warriors fall too. This is too much for the survivors who turn their backs and run. The shore riders manage to restrain their horses and do not pursue but the guards in their hatred of dwarfs go after the fleeing survivors.

Both bolt throwers miss their targets but the scouts manage to take out one of the flame thrower teams advancing near them. Once again Eachotah is behind friendly troops and can´t use the lightning bolt (that was pretty much the only usefull spell I had).

In reserve phase shore riders changed their ranks to face the middle of the battle field where another unit of dwarf warriors was getting dangerously close.

Fleeing dwarf warriors ran out of board and the elf guard stopped at the table adge. They would have to spend their next movement phase reforming. Warriors and hammeres moved forward again. The warriors would be in position to charge the shore riders next turn. The hammerers would go after the elven general and his guards. The flame cannon crew makes a risky move and turns their cannon to face the elf guards now unformed at the edge of the table.

In close combat Juggo banishes Janarion back to the grave. No one is able to shoot and reserve phase sees some positioning on warriors and hammerers preparing to finally get their hands on the elves.

Round 7 - dwarf turn after movement phase. Juggo is about to
strike down Janarion and warriors are just getting in charge range of the shore riders.


The guards reformed themselves at the board edge. The shore riders now directly in front of dwarf warriors decided that it was not time to take risks and trotted out of harms way. The wardancers who had been mostly playing hide and seeks with the giant slayers now emerged from the forest the threaten the dwarf warrior´s flank. Ship company reached the combat area and would be able to harrash the dwarven flanks or rear.

Remaining flame thrower crew got themselves shot by the scouts.

Now with their rank in good order guards turned to face Juggo who would be in charge range next round. A lightning bolt hit dwarf warriors charring a trooper.

Juggo was not in range of the guards but moved closer preparing sell his life with his price. The warriors wheeled and marched to the shore riders direction while the hammerers veered left to meet with the elven guards.The giant slayers tried to come out of the woods to prevent the wardancers from charging the warriors of hammerers in the back.

No shooting as flame cannon was building up pressure.

Situation on round 8 before dwarven reserve phase. (Note that some elven
horses are without riders. I really need to put magnets on them because they seem to be
falling off all the time).
Elven general and his guards charge Juggo. Other elves move in better positions to attack dwarf warrior unit now in front of both shore riders and wardancers. Ship company and scouts prepare to meet the giant slayers emerging from the woods.
Juggo survives the first round of combat without losing a wound and kills two elven guards. He still loses the combat and is pushed back towards the flame cannon that is starting to be a bit too close for comfort...
One giant slayer is killed by missile fire but his comrades don´t mind.
The dwarves are desperately trying to get their hands on the elves but are now in danger of being completely circled. Some movement happens as hammerers go after elven guards and warriors head for shore riders. Giant slayers are out of the woods and turn for ship company.
Juggo survives again but is pushed back and surrounded by elves who now begin to get free hacks agains him.
End of round 9.


The warriors are charged by shore riders and wardancers. Despite being charged both in the front and side/back the do not panic. Wardancers go into whirling death mode and all together three warriors are killed. The dwarf hero challeges the shore rider´s leader who is wounded once. The elves win the combat and push back the dwarves. Juggo is killed by stabbing elven spears.

Some shots are fired at giant slayers but they cause no damage.

The guards move closer to the flame cannon to get inside it´s minimum range (this was not a good time to forget about Hymn of hate as you will see later).

Expecting the guards to turn around the hammerers continued chasing them. Giant slayers charge the ship company and go into frenzy (they rolled 11).

In melee the elf hero leading the shore riders is killed as are a couple of dwarves which means that the combat is drawn. No more bonuses for following up. No wounds are caused in the combat between the giant slayers and ship company. Ship company wins the combat because of their standard and push back the dwarves.

Alone and surrounded Juggo is killed.


Well - the guards were under the influence of hymn of hate and therefore hated all dwarves. And now the flame cannon crew were in their charge range which meant that they had to charge them. The crew was quick to wire the cannon and run. KABOOM! Timing was perfect. The cannon blew up just as the elves reached it´s position. Prinze Caimead and four guardsmen were blown to pieces. Unable to reach the dwarves the charge stopped and unit became unformed. But the guardsmen refused to panic even though their general was mutilated beyond recognition.
As the melee against dwarf warriors was not going as well as intented Eachotah decided it was time for him to get his hands dirty and charged in. Wardancers cut down four dwarves but two shore riders were lost. Surrounded the dwarves had no place be pushed back but their morale held.

The last two giant slayers were taken care of by ship company captain.

Seeing the disorganized elven guards in front of them the hammerers hurried closer. They would surely be able to charge next turn. On the other side of the battlefield wardancers continued to take down dwarves who now broke and were hacked to pieces.

Fiery death for Prinze Caimead as wired flame cannon blows up.
 The last dwarf warriors break and are hacked down.
The elven guards reform as does allmost everyone on elf side after being in combat and pursuing the enemy.
On reserve phase ranks are reorganized and some movement happens.
The hammerers finally get to charge someone and in the following combat the slaughter now leaderless guards but can´t break them as both sides hate each other.
At this point we decided it was enough. The hammerers would decimate the guards without the elves being able to intervene. We declared the guards lost and the hammerers would be able to escape leaving the dwarf general alive.
 The situation in the beginning of the last turn. Elven guard is
just out of picture to the left.
The casualties on both sides were high but it was the dwarves who had suffered more. Of their initial force there were only the general and nine hammerers left (roughly 350 points). The elves had lost their general but there were still about 800 points of troops on the table.
I felt that I had a good battle plan. I was able to use my better mobility to attack dwarf flank and take out units one by one maintaining a local superiority. Had I been more carefull with my guard I might have been able to wipe out the dwarves. But sometimes these things happen. Hatred is a doudle edged sword... It gives you a bonus but can get you in trouble too.
IMO the dwarves suffered from their spead out set up. Next time I´m expecting to face a very tight pack of stunties in two lines with flanks protected.
 It was a fun game to play and took us just under four hours from set up to conclusion.
Next game will be in two weeks agains some skaven. Hope you enjoyed reading! 

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