sunnuntai 17. heinäkuuta 2016

Elf baggage train WIP part 2

This week I´ve been to a sports camp with my son which means that I haven´t have much time to paint. But now I´m back home and have started to put the baggage train together. At the moment I have the Turnkey Miniatures´ elf villagers set, a simple mdf cart and some simple soldier´s tents.

I got mail from a reader who sent me pictures of a baggage train for a game called Impetus. They worked well as inspirational material and gave me some thoughs about how to move on with my project.

I decided to make a 6" x 8" cardboard base on which I will mount the carts and tents. The minis will not be glued on the base as I want to be able to move them. The base size will match the rules for a 2000 point army´s baggage train.

So far I´ve completed three minis and started working on a cart.

A tent (in base color), three civilians and a cart (in base color).

 An elf lady with a pet bird.

An elf woman carrying some groceries.

 A warmachine engineer with a spare part to a bolt thrower.

Two tents, the completed minis and a cart on a 6" x 8" cardboard base.

I am going to add an another cart (perhaps a water cart), seven civilians and a horse/mule or two. I might switch to present cart for another as I feel that the one I have now is a bit largeish compared to the elf minis. And the base itself will eventually get painted and flocked.

And to end this posting hera are some inspirational pictures sent by a reader. Really hoping to get my baggage train to this level.

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  1. Good work! I'm looking forward to seeing what you get done next,

  2. Thank you sir! I'm waiting for some new minis to arrive. But next thing is to fight some skaven in a couple of days.