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Couple of Chaos Beastmasters

 As those who have followed this blog know I´m a fan of animal handlers and have posted about them in several occasions: here, here and here. This posting can be seen as a follow up to the bigger article about the Chaos Beastmasters I wrote in 2017.

The two handlers. The one on the left is a Citadel produced one in heavy armor wielding some soft of warhammer or pick perhaps. That helmet/head piece was a tricky one but I chose to paint the lower half of the face as a part of the armor. A neck and chin guard perhaps. For the reast of the helmet I gave a bony look with metal reinforced sockets for those horns. Darkish brown hair is flowing from underneath the helmet. Armor is pastel violet with some metal details.

That guy with a pink whip is a Marauder Miniatures Beastmaster. Violet armor and pink details tie the two models together as does the small bone detail on his whip. Leather parts of his gear are all black. The over all look is Slaaneshian enough without going to extremities.

The more I look at the painted models the less they resemble the stat line and equipment given for beastmasters in 3rd edition Army book. That is a beastman line and the models look like Marauders or Chaos warriors. But as their faces don´t show - well they could be anything. I´m not gonna loose my sleep over this detail. 

The chaos hounds they will be leading can be found here.

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