tiistai 14. tammikuuta 2020

More Space Elves

As I´m still out of Desert Yellow Spray that I need for my IG I´m painting some Space Elves instead. These are just wonderful models that are a joy to paint. Sculpts by the one and only Jes Goodwin ofcourse.

 From left to right: Eldar guardian with shuriken catapult 2, RT401 Space Elf Alesia Wildfire with flamer and las pistol, RT402 Space Elf Nael Fleetfoot with Meltagun and chainblade without banner pole.
All three are in my usual eldar red and white scheme. Armor is Mephisto red shaded with Agrax and then washed with Bloodletter glaze. Highlights were done with Wild rider red. Helmets are light gray base with Agrax shading. And then pure white in several thin layers on that. Metal parts were painted with Leadbelcher and shaded with Agrax.

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