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Oldhammer Oulu 28/10/2017

In just under two weeks time there will be an Oldhammer meet in Oulu, northern Finland. As far as I know this is the very first meet of it´s kind to be arranged n Finland. And for that reason the goals have been kept pretty limited. It´s only on one day and for few hours. We do not have a lot of different games and don´t expect a big crowd. But everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Fantasiapelit Oulu, the local gaming store supports the happening by letting us use it´s gaming room. A BIG thank you to owners for making this possible!

The doors will open at 10 am. It will propably take an hour to set up the tables so games should be ready to start at 11 am.

All of the games we´ve prepared will be led by a GM and be joined by anyone who happens to come by. No need to take any models with you if you don´t want to. For Troll Slaying you can take a single dwarf model but you can participate even if you don´t have one.

Each scenario or round of gaming should take no longer than 1 hour.

  • WFB 3rd edition. Two small scenarios will be run all day. Just step in when there is room.
  • Adeptus Titanicus 1st edition. One titan for each player, every man for himself.
  • Judge Dredd. GM led scenarios running all day.
  • Mordheim. Fast skirmishes for anyone to join in.
  • Troll slaying. A bunch of trolls vs. you and your stunty. He who slays the most trolls is the winner. You don´t have to be a slayer to enter!
  • Blood Bowl LRB6

And if you have something you would like to play please feel free to take it with you. I´m sure you´ll find an opponent here.

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