perjantai 14. huhtikuuta 2017

Easter orcs

My orcs & goblins project is moving on in schedule. I want to have WFB: Armies troop minimas done by july this year and with both gobbo and orc arrers done and orc boyz very near to completion I strongly believe I can make it.

As these arrer boyz were in black undercoat when I posted this it means that it took me just under one month to get a unit from start to table-top-quality-ready. That´s pretty much the maximum pace at which I can paint because of work and other real life responsibilities.

Everyone was first sprayed black. Then basic colours were applied and models washed with Agrax. As last stage I did some high lighting. I´m satisfied with the result. Individual models are not that great but as unit they look good enough for me from a couple of feet away.

Full twenty strong as is the O&G´s troop minima in WFB: Armies.
Some sort of banner needs to be painted but I´ve not yet 
come up with an idea for that.

 The command group would really need a musician but I don´t have any
appropriate models for one. Anyone care to sell or trade?

 Harboth´s archers, 80´s arrer boyz and a couple of early nineties in there I think.
The standard bearer is a Marauder skulpt.

Just one more shot from a bit different angle.

I´ll finish this posting with two thumb selfies. These gobbos are the first two of twenty that are the next in line to be painted. Lovely models both.

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  1. Nice work on a nice range of minis. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the goblin javelinmen as that is a great range of figures.

  2. Hi Nathan! I'm afraid I have just something like seven or eight javelin/spear armed gobbos. Rest of the unit are Grom's goblin guard, Marauder and Iron Claw models.