torstai 16. maaliskuuta 2017

What I´ve done with them boyz´n gobbos

Almost a year ago I was wandering what to do with a bunch of fantasy regiment orcs and goblins I had bought from a friend of mine. I got some tips both here in my blog and at Oldhammer forum but after starting with the boyz I lost interest in the project and the models lay untouched for months on my paiting table.

A couple of weeks back I won an online auction that had 70+ metal orcs and goblins in it. With some fantasy regiment models I had managed to get from a couple of guys I know I realised that I now had enough models to meet the WFB: Armies troop minimas for an O&G army. Even though I still needed some command groups and a shaman or two that realisation boosted my will to really start painting the army.

This unit of stickas was the first one to get completed. They still need a banner of some sort but that I will deal with later. I´m very inexperienced at painting greenskins. In fact this is the very first unit of orcs or goblins I´ve ever done. My goal is to have a playble force ready by july so rank and file were done as quick as possible with some more love given to command group models. Black base coat, warboss green skin, basic colours for clothing and armor followed by agrax earthshade wash. Quick highlights with skarsnik green and that´s it. Good enough to be used on the battlefield.

 Chief Rhybag´s speshul stickaz. Fantasy regiment goblins, iron claw
goblins, bagpipe musician, a chief and a double snotling as standard bearer.
The upper snotlings face is badly molded on it´s right side but 
will do if you don´t look too close.

The next unit to be completed will propably be this big mod of boyz. Regular boyz are all fantasy regiment orcs and the command group a mix of early nineties orcs from different ranges. This will be the main unit of my upcoming army.

That´s 28 orcs including a boss, a standard and a musician. The boss and standard are
pretty much ready. Everyone else in various stages of WIP. As you can see the
banners are not my strongest area of expertise.

Then there are the arrer boys of which I have close to 40 models. To meet the army minimas I´ve chosen 20 of those to be painted after I´m done with the big mod. They´ve been base coated black and I´ve started working on first of them just to get ideas of how I want them to look in the future.

These arrer boyz will need a standard and a musician. Perhaps
I´ll get a Harboth´s standard for them as those seem to be available
at ebay for reasonable price.

Most far from completion are the gobbos. I have at the moment 19 goblins of which about half are armed with javelins/spears and the rest with various hand weapons. They will need a standard bearer and a musician later on. And some stripping will be required.

Gobbos. Cannon fodder in making.

As last I´ll put a group picture of everyone. I have some wolf riders and a pair of bolt throwers waiting somewhere but as those are not obligatory they will be worked on after everyone else is done.

By july these will be ready to get on the battle field

Just wanted to show that something is getting painted even though I´ve been lately working mostly on the animal handler articles. The next one will be about chaos. Perhaps in a week or something.

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