keskiviikko 23. elokuuta 2023

Epic eldar spirit host

 As mentioned ia an earlier posting I´m working on a small 2nd edition Epic eldar force along side with other hobby projects. Today I finished a spirit host for that army. A spirit host consists of a warlock, four bases of wraithguard and two squads of dreadnoughts with for dreads in each.

torstai 10. elokuuta 2023

Baggage train group shot

 This is something I´ve been planning for a while but only now on my short vacation got around doing. That is digging out all my high elf baggage train models for a group shot and posting it here. To be honest finding everyone was a bit of a challenge. I have quite a few model cases and did not remember where most of the elves were in. Rummaging through different foam filled bags and boxes I came around miniatures I had somewhat forgotten I had. And eventually found all the elves I was looking for.

Let´s begin with a bird eye view of everyone. Four carts or wagons, sixteen individuals, a few animals, barrels, boxes and few smaller supply items.

In the left back corner an elf weapon smith can be seen holding a new part for a bolt thrower. In front of him a is a pair of merchants leading their horse away from an unlimbered cart.

An artist is about to start a new painting depicting a wounded wardancer. Next to them two youngsters are playing with their wooden swords.

A group of camp followers is spending their time reading and listening to music.

An elf lady is getting some food from a cart while a kid is threatening a goose with his bow.

Here we can see some hay being moved while another cart is getting loaded.

The hay foraging is closely watched by the army´s quartermaster. These elves are army regulars as can be told by their blue and white clothes (my high elves wear those colors). The civilian camp followers have much less uniform clothing.

As I have an elf casualty model lurking somewhere I plan on adding him and a healer of some sort to this group. And I got a tip on a nice elf bowyer model that I intend to buy in near future. So expect to see more of this baggage train in the future.

sunnuntai 16. heinäkuuta 2023

More camp followers

 As of lately I´ve been mostly painting epic scale eldar but have managed to put some paint on other stuff too. Here´s two more camp followers for high elf baggage train.

The chap on the left is a Lammings miniatures peasant with pitch fork. I chopped off the original head and replaced it with one from the old Warhammer fantasy regiments elf. I also repositioned his hands a bit.  I´ve had that other miniature for years and simply can´t remember which manufacturer made it. He represents an elf quartermaster. Here checking his files to be sure there´s enough hay collected for the army´s horses.