maanantai 8. toukokuuta 2023

Epic eldar walkers

 My focus has been on expanding the high elf baggage train but I´ve managed to slap some paint on other things too. Here are some epic eldar dreadnoughts and a towering destroyer knight I finished the other day.

The middle one is in it´s original pose. The other two had their
limbs and las cannon slightly repositioned for more dynamic look.

Towering destroyer knight. Added a barrel to his right lower limb as I never understood what that stubby thing was supposed to be.

sunnuntai 2. huhtikuuta 2023

Another baggage train posting

March went by without me posting a thing. Let´s make april a bit more active month. To be honest I´ve been slowly painting a thing or two but nothing  that I felt was worth showing. My perivous posting motivated me to order some stuff from Midlam Miniatures. Here are the ones I got to build up my high elf baggage train / camp followers.

So it´s two youngsters playing and a cart with driver. As you propably
notice I swapped the drivers original head for a 80´s Fantasy regiment
elf head for him to fit in better with the rest of the camp followers.

Those new chaps will be joining this group I started a few years back.
I might have to rebase these to make them look the same.

BTW I you know good 25mm scale models for elf civilians let me know in the comments. I plan on making this group even bigger.

maanantai 6. helmikuuta 2023

Baggade train upgrade

 In between painting other things I wanted to upgrade my elves baggage train a bit. It´s just a hay cart and some winged livestock this time but I´m hoping to add a few more items in the future.

Cart, goose, chicken and rooster.

Same stuff but from a bit different view.