sunnuntai 14. huhtikuuta 2024

Back to genestealers

 So it´s another paused project restarted. It was back in november 2020 when I last painted something for my slaanesh aligned genestealer cult. Having finished just a single purestrain genestealer so far I have been wanting to add a few more for some time. Finally I had both the models and motivation to paint them. BTW I working on a cult limo too. Hoping to get it ready in the near future.

Being plastics from Space Hulk and painted mostly with contrasts
these will most certainly not win me any prises. But they fit in quite well
with the rest of the cult.

maanantai 1. huhtikuuta 2024

A couple of support units and a warlock

 These three little (pun intended) additions will take my epic eldar army to 2900 points. And I could finish those vibro cannons in perhaps 30 mins if I wanted to and have a 3000 point strong army ready. But I´m at the same time working on some genestealers so it may take a while. On the other hand I scored some aspects warriors and other stuff I was missing so I´ll eventually take this project to somewhere around 4000-5000 points I think.

A warlock with two guardian bodyguards and a banner. Plus three las cannons.

Same guys from a bit different angle.

Squadron of three warwalker. I like this model a lot more than the newer egg shaped thingie.

Using up one special card and two detechment card slots. But I have three hosts
and having enough special/detachment cards should not be an issue.

tiistai 12. maaliskuuta 2024

Eldar defender warhost

 Eighteen stands of eldar guardian equals a full defender warhost. Worth 450 points in 2nd edition Epic. I gave each detachment a banner with warhost spot color (black) and detachment number on it. With these and black shouder pads one should be able to separate these stands from the eldar warhost guardians I painted earlier.

I´m getting very close to having a 3000 point eldar army completed. With a warlock, war walkers and some support guns I´m working on I should get there sooner than later. If I wanted (and had motivation) I could upgrade these to a eldar warhost by adding nine Falcon grav tanks. Remains to be seen...