sunnuntai 15. toukokuuta 2022

Arrer boyz with cross bows

 Had to scroll down all the way to orctober 2020 to find my previous green skin posting. But as it happened I got my hands on a non opened blister of cross bow armed arrer boyz and with the few models I´ve had for years I was in a situation where I can scrape together a unit of 11 boyz inc. champion and a banner. The boyz in the blister were cross bow using orcs but there was no xbows... we´ll get into that later.

Presenting the first five of the eleven models I have for this unit. The standard
bearer is an easy conversion of a bolt thrower team leader. Now I just need an idea
for his flag. 

I like browns, yellows and black on my orcs. But there are one or
small two red details in each to give them some uniformity.
And yes, that´s Harboth himself back there.

So here the afore mentioned blister. Orc arrers with elf spears :D
Clearly a miss pack here. Had some extra plastic cross bows so no problem really.

maanantai 2. toukokuuta 2022

Epic eldar units

 Here´s some Epic Eldar units I´ve completed. Found my 2nd edition Epic Space Marine set from my parent place the other day. It´s not complete but the rules are there. And some of the other stuff. What I need are the unit cards and rules for eldar. Anyone willing to sell theirs?

Host of Falcon grav tanks.

Detachment of Wind riders.

Guardian host.

All together.

Rules, unit cards and some eldar and orcs models still in sprues.

keskiviikko 13. huhtikuuta 2022

Slaanesh warrior

 I´ve had this Jes Goodwin laying around on my painting desk for a while and suddenly got an idea to paint it as old school as I know. Chose pastel pink and purple as main colors with soma black to give some contrast. Not completely satisfied with the result but he is as good as my humble skills allow.

Chaos Warrios "Flail 2" (Stuff of Legends)

Next time it´s propably more Epic Eldar.... or another Chaos warrior.