maanantai 1. huhtikuuta 2024

A couple of support units and a warlock

 These three little (pun intended) additions will take my epic eldar army to 2900 points. And I could finish those vibro cannons in perhaps 30 mins if I wanted to and have a 3000 point strong army ready. But I´m at the same time working on some genestealers so it may take a while. On the other hand I scored some aspects warriors and other stuff I was missing so I´ll eventually take this project to somewhere around 4000-5000 points I think.

A warlock with two guardian bodyguards and a banner. Plus three las cannons.

Same guys from a bit different angle.

Squadron of three warwalker. I like this model a lot more than the newer egg shaped thingie.

Using up one special card and two detechment card slots. But I have three hosts
and having enough special/detachment cards should not be an issue.

2 kommenttia:

  1. No update is little! Oh, well, maybe this Epic stuff is, hmmm... XD
    No, seriously, I find your progress on this project truly great, please keep on bringing Eldar!

    1. I will. My intention is to add a heavy tank host and some more infantry. And another Fire Gale knight too.